Riddle me this. Can you be in love with a color, or really a kind of palette of colors, that sing to you? For the past couple of years I've been seeing this cadre of colors pop up in interesting places - fabrics, home goods, accessories, furniture, mirrors, even throw pillows.


Taskin & Allard pillows  Taskin & Allard pillows

pillow images from Taksin & Allard via a Joss & Main flash sale (no longer for sale)


Little Green Notebook silver leafing

 image source Little Green Notebook


The shades range from a weird pewter to the color of mercury/ antiqued glass, to a creamy white that's just nuttin' like I've seen in prior years. It's always about a sheen, a hue, a metallic flint undertone.


One King's Lane Laquer Vase

image source here  


Graham & Green Metallic Pouffe 

image source here


First off, I love metallics and all things metal (well, maybe not brass).


Second, I totally dig color, but I tend to get sick of it pretty fast too. I'll paint a room yellow or blue or green but can only stand it for about 2 years before I get itching to re-color it. Neutrals are not as aggressive so they fade into the background and I tend to stop noticing them.


Third, The color names are all over the map, and I dig that! I'm a some-people-call-it-pewter-others-call-it-white-gold-yet-others-call-it-metallic-pearl. 


Craiglist dresser 

dresser as seen on Craigslist (no longer available)

Brass Elephant Bookends

image source here

Here is some eye candy for you.... do you feel it? WANT WANT WANT

PS Note that the gorgeousness and crisp yet light richness of these really can't be captured on camera. In person these hues just sing..... falalala...


Martha Steward micro beads


image source here:

Martha Stewart (this woman gets color!) micro beads (also check out her metallic paint collection)!



Pottery Barn mercury globes 

image source here



Diamond Bedroom traditional bedroom

traditional bedroom design by orange county interior designer Allison Cosmos

Amelie mirrored armoir

image source here


image source here


image source: MINE (SugaredRim was my previous blog's name)


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